About Mo’ Betta Brothers

Better Music for the People of Hip Hop

The Mo’ Betta Brothers are a passionate crew of true school artists creating authentic music for the essence of the Hip Hop culture: Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun.

This is their primary focus as family members of the first and last essential element of Hip Hop which is The People.

They are from the people, of the people, for the people, and about the people.

And as traditionalists, the Mo’ Betta Brothers are committed towards serving the people heavy doses of funk, witty lyrics, substantial content, flavorful styles, diverse banging tempos, and entertaining cadences. Just quality Golden Age style Hip Hop music in the 21st Century!

It is their inheritance, ambition, motivation, priority, and honor to be your brother’s keeper. May you never be tainted by commercialized, watered-down, wackness ever again. Things are starting to get Mo’ Betta around here.

Rock – Rock On.