The Art of Rhyme According to the Mo’ Betta Brothers

MBBI am sure many of you have watched Ice T’s documentary over a year ago, The Art of Rap, and may even had solid discussions about its content with your peers. I know the Mo’ Betta Brothers have, however as cool as The Art of Rap is the flick kept us wanting a little bit more on breaking down the full artistry and history of rap than showing various artists spitting acapellas. I myself wanted more scenes like the bits with Lord Jamar, Rakim, Treach, Eminem, B Real, and MC Lyte where they dug under the surface more.

What we were originally expecting from it was something more similar to Kool Moe Dee’s excellent resource, There’s a God on the Mic. The way Moe Dee evaluated and outlined the mastery of emceeing, rhyme styling, storytelling, content, etc., and the way he anatomized composition into a skeletal form, was a very important reference any aspiring artist or veteran should own in their library. The artist rankings may puzzle your bias, but its purpose is of great importance. This book was the answer for us old school heads who all remembered the report card Kool Moe Dee created in his album, How You Like Me Now liner note. Only a legendary master lyricist of Kool Moe Dee’s superlative is allowed to author a book like this.

Anyways, this is not about a video or book review of the aforementioned references. No, this latest podcast episode is called The Art of Rhyme According to the Mo’ Betta Brothers.

You can take this as a grain of salt if you choose, but if you are an aspiring rhymer, or someone who loves Hip Hop music, this should give you seasoned insight on what the art of lyricism, rhyming, or rapping is all about… according to the Mo Betta Brothers.

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The Art of Rhyme According to the Mo' Betta Brothers
Tune in to our latest podcast: "The Art of Rhyme According to the Mo' Betta Brothers." This is about the great Hip Hop lyrics and what makes a great emcee.