The Enjoyment of Rhyming – No Expiration Date

Hip Hop has no expiration date.

It is funny having this enjoyment again. I am having mad fun being back in the studio; laying down lines for our upcoming album. After 21 years of life outside of Mo’ Betta Brothers, growing up into a responsible adult, it has been quite liberating to return to lyricism, crafting rhymes, and recording Hip Hop music. It feels damn good! And you know what I have also found out? I may have grown up, but I never grew out of my youth. My creativity for lyrics has been amplified!

This is a different feel of rhyming. It is stronger and more focused. There is more conviction in the content and how I spit. The verses are more refined and flavorful; more quality than before, and it is wonderful to absorb real Hip Hop music the Mo’ Betta Brothers way!

It could be from the seasoning of maturation and experiences earned since those days. It could be from pain I have felt. It could be from pleasure when I melt. It could be from my choices I steered. It could be from past and present careers. It could be from the people I have met along the way. It could be the size 16 shoes I walk in every day. One thing is for certain, my creativity for lyrics has been amplified, and I am having fun again!

And I am not the only one who feels this way. My brothers are experiencing this same enjoyment! It has been entertaining and suspenseful  for me to see what these guys will be coming up with next.  I can’t wait until the album is done! So many styles have boiled over the sound booth with traditional head-nodding flows. I have been oxygenated and energized thanks to them.

I believe after experiencing this amplified enjoyment, we will be another example why true funk never dies. So to all of my old school heads out there, come on out and play. The weather is just right.

Hip Hop has no expiration date.


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