Mo’ Betta Brothers Announce Remix Release to Debut Single “FunkDaMentals” with “FunkDaRemix” – Hip Hop Wins Again

The Mo’ Betta Brothers’ delivers “FunkDaRemix” the follow up to their debut single “FunkDaMentals.”

The Mo’ Betta Brothers’ delivers “FunkDaRemix” the follow up to their debut single “FunkDaMentals.”

“FunkDaRemix” is the contrasting hardcore, beats & rhymes style reproduction to their original house party track, “FunkDaMentals.” It is a must listen song, must see video why traditional Hip Hop music is here to stay! And of course it all comes down to clever rhymes and lyrical substance that is never altered in this remix.

Emazing, The British Dream explains why the Mo’ Betta Brothers chose a remix for their sophomore single, “other artists don’t do remixes to their tracks any more. They don’t even experiment in reinventing the character and texture of their original songs giving it another life; another perspective. We wanted to give all scratch DJs more options to mix and backspin to. FunkDaRemix is a gritty minimalistic hardcore style. Ever since we signed with Old School Scholar, they welcomed our vision in doing what we use to do back in the day making remixes, hardcore beats, and spitting cultured rhymes for the streets. That is what Hip Hop music is truly about. Not about soft and shiny pop music, dumb down content, and trendy formats like the trap sound. We make street music, and it definitely shouts in both FunkDaMentals and FunkDaRemix. Mo’ Better Brothers are here to lead and not follow. You can print that, Kid!”

You can learn more about the brothers at, and you can definitely find their music on iTunes, Google Play,, and anywhere you buy music online.


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