Mo’ Betta Brothers Announce New Album ‘The Greatest Album Never Heard’ Out 25th of March 2016

Debut Album Ignites Golden Age Hip Hop Renaissance!

Mo' Betta Brothers

The Greatest Album Never Heard

(Miami) For the past few months, Florida-based Mo’ Betta Brothers have combined exciting original music with traditional rhythms and have quickly become recognized as one of the most experimental and nostalgic rap artists around.

Mo’ Betta Brothers announce details of their brand new album titled THE GREATEST ALBUM NEVER HEARD; their first since signing to Old School Scholar. The record follows their recent underground acclaimed single, Big Bang Fury (released December 15, 2015) that captured the attitude and bravado of Golden Age Hip Hop music and savvy rhymes.

Mostly recorded and produced guerilla style from their homes located throughout the Sunshine State, and named from their quest of being one authentic Hip Hop group to rise in a crowded homogenized marketplace; THE GREATEST ALBUM NEVER HEARD was produced by GrandSinister Ice who crafted each track as a single release. The artwork and logo was created by the multi-talented Mo’ Betta Brothers themselves (inspired by their producer’s classic Technics 1200 turntables and love for vinyl).


The full album list is as follows:

  1. B To The Third Power
  2. Da Mo’ Da Betta
  3. Audio Jargon
  4. FunkDaMentals
  5. B-Boy Fever: The Epidemic
  6. Old School Scholarship
  7. Hip-Hop Sanctified
  8. Big Bang Fury
  9. Ignition
  10. Heart Of The Culture
  11. Name That Tune
  12. Mo’ Betta Groove
  13. Recap