This is a Mo' Betta Brothers pow wow discussion on anything Hip Hop related

Mo’ Betta Podcast with Special Guest Dreski

Join the Mo' Betta Brothers in their open book pow-wow discussions

Join the Mo’ Betta Brothers in their open book pow-wow discussions

One of the most important things we believe in as a crew is our long time bond through the decades. To the world, the Mo’ Betta Brothers is known only as a crew of three emcees, but what if we told you there are more of us?

Understand, we are more than just a crew. We are a very close, transparent brotherhood who rarely ever had times to ‘come clean’ to one another. This is because we truly value our bond as a family, and that is how we stick with no pulled punches.

In this podcast episode, we introduce to you our extended Mo’ Betta Brotherhood with the likes of our longtime homeboy, Dreski. This is not really an interview. This is a regular pow-wow we often have as close friends. As you will hear there really is no mixing of words or double talk. We say it as we see it. Right or wrong or indifferent, the Mo’ Betta Brothers want to demonstrate transparency with you on who we are as a crew.

And for being transparent, we expect the people of Hip Hop to understand we are more than just artists. We are your homeboys you use to run into in class, laugh with at the barbershop, work with at the job, and broke bread with at a coffee shop.

Our transparency and integrity for your trust. Long live Hip Hop.

Enjoy the show!