Wack Rappers versus Hip Hop Music – If We Battle Them, They Will Run

Wack Rappers versus Hip Hop Music

Just like the majority of true school heads out there, I am tired of the wack rappers diluting Hip Hop music and misrepresenting our culture. I am also tired of hearing everyone else saying they are tired of wack rappers, and I am very tired of hearing myself say this, too. I know this is a long ongoing situation of Hip Hop vs Rap, yet ignoring them does not make them go away. The clones keep multiplying like rodents. Now what should we do about it?

A thought came to me just a while ago that may spark a special light onto us and make a difference instead of just mumbling like old people telling kids to get off their lawn. It is time for the return of the battling emcee.

If the so-called rap fans of today’s generation were exposed to our skilled emcees spitting battle rhymes on wax, and hearing the lame responses from their favorite rappers, this may be an opportunity for the traditional competitive nature of Hip Hop to shine once again. This is an opportunity for independent artists, DJs, producers, and labels to  gain notoriety like what came forth from the Golden Age. And NO, I do not mean calling each other names like a bunch of school girls on You Tube. That ain’t Hip Hop! I mean boom-bap, original rap with an answer song. Skills!

I am not looking forward to converting a mainstream audience to our side who will not fully understand or appreciate the sport of Hip Hop alone. That did not work so well the last time if anyone remembers. But I believe inspiring a new generation to discern how much more aesthetically inclined and diverse Hip Hop music really is and the culture it was birthed from. Right now, we basically have a bunch of children who do not know who their grandparents are if you catch my drift. Children who think Papa Johns is great pizza but never had a slice from Little Italy.

Unlike Hip Hop music vs Rap’s complexity, B-boying has been making major waves thanks to the international community holding this valuable art form close to their hearts. Turntablism has been one of the most fantastic specialties that has inspired other musical forms which has kept vinyl alive. Graff writers have always done what they do best; consume and dominate the landscape with an explosion of  colorful aerosol without or with permission. I believe much of it is because of the art of battling and creative competitiveness.

I am looking at tomorrow and one of the established emcees right now who can set this off, who also has the charisma to punch the wack rappers in the mouth,  is DMX. Why? Well, he is unapologetic, does not care what people think, or fear corporate scrutiny, and any experienced hunter knows to flush your game out you need to sick your meanest, loudest dogs on them first. I am sure some of you have already seen the following video of him and his honesty.

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